Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dear High School Me:

There's so many things I wish you knew about you. Yes, you think you know who you are, but you really only see a glimpse of what you are becoming. So here's a few words of advice to get you through the next few years.

1. It's grade high school. Everyone feels like you. Relax.

2. Practise discipline and study hard. If you don't adopt this idea now, you may never learn how to apply yourself to your studies.

3. Make friends with your teachers. There's a greater chance you'll do better at their class.

4. That sarcastic wit that gets you in trouble now will come in very handy in your future career. Keep it in check while in school to keep yourself out of detention though.

5. You are not fat. In fact, you are the skinniest you will ever be. Enjoy it. 

6. Everyone isn't thinking about you nearly as much as you are thinking about yourself. 

7. Your parents are pretty cool. You should listen to them. And don't worry, they eventually loosen up when you smarten up.


8. Get involved! You aren't too cool for extra-curriculars! In fact, you might actually enjoy them!

9. The girls you admire and wish you were like them, they wish they were like someone else too. Be yourself and like who you are. 
10. The boy isn't worth it. 

11. Mingle! Get to know more people than just your circle. People you don't know or may not have interest in will one day become inspirational to you.
12. Life won't be what you expect it to be, and it'll be better than you could imagine.
13. ...but don't be in a rush to leave these years behind, they'll be some of the best memories you have.

With Love & Sincerity from Future You

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Out of the Blue

I haven't REALLY wrote a great blog lately. My new job has me running 11+ hours a day and usually by the end of the day it's difficult to keep up with my blog lists, let alone write one of my own. Not to say I haven't been thinking of fabulous topics, it's just my brain is about mush come 6:30pm. So I'm going to repost an interesting article I came across on Brian McLaren's blog. It's called "Why Young Christians Leave Church." It raises some interesting points. Feel free to comment below.

In other news, I felt the need this evening to have a relaxing bath. As I relaxed with a mud mask on my face, my kitten watched  the Lush bath balls roll by the edge of the tub. Just as I was finishing my short bath, I decided the kitten needed a bath as well. So I decided he should join me. Surprisingly, the kitten was not nearly as horrified with the idea as was my husband when I called him over to get a towel for the cat. And Chicago has been unusually and surprisingly docile since then!

Monday, 10 October 2011

My 2011 Thankfulness List

Inspired, yet again, by friends who make the most incredible "thankfulness" lists, I've taken to completing my own for the year. When I started the tradition 3 years ago, it was with a "not thankful list" which, in my opinion, was quite witty. But given lack of time and brain energy, and a plethora of blessings in my life...here goes it:

1. Teapots

2. My husband's friends that make him laugh.

3. How a celebration of my grandmother's 85 years of life brought our entire family together this summer for the first time in many, many years.

4. Our Saturday night small group that stretches my thinking and inspires learning.

5. Plushy new carpet to sink my toes into for our basement that just might get installed one day.

6. A high school experience that even 10 years later, I can think fondly upon.
7. The unknown.

8. Generosity.

9. Our Guatemala trip -learning and being inspired by Fe Viva & House of Refuge.

10. Awesome & amazing roommates for the last 3 years...

11. ...Not having anymore roommates (for now).

12. Working at GoodLife and teaching Les Mills that ensures I ALWAYS get in at least one workout a week.

13. My job at Lowe's - for both providing me with a salary, and a place for me to spend it.

14. For friends and family who stretch my thinking and ground my ideas.
15. My cousins Sarah & Lori- despite distance and lack of communication, we still have the strong familiar bond of  family when we get together.

16. Fall gardens that get me excited about spring.

17. Discovering how much I love my house.

18. Living close to my parents.

20. Chicago, our kitten. 

21. The blogosphere and the blogs I follow -Your dedication brings inspiration and ideas as well as gives me a place to memorialize my own thoughts and opinions. 

22. Homegrown veggies.

23. That as long as my parents have a pool, we'll never need one.

24. Articles like "Eating Sacred Cows" that provide clarity and increase my faith.

25. My husband, who is an example of patience, knowledge and graciousness to me.