Saturday, 27 August 2011

Destruction Day

So, we recently decided to renovate a bit of our house, then we decided we would rather move, then we decided we'd rather stay and renovate just a little. Today was our first project! It took some conversation to get us started. (I'm the type that likes to jump in with little thought to all the steps along the way, while my husband likes to figure out all the details before making a move.) With a little bit of whining, tears, and emotional pleas, we went for it. (I was told it is unlikely that I'll ever win an argument by rational thought.)

 Our roommates came and offered us some sage advice and a little bit of muscle power. I invited the neighbour in to see what we were doing, and he helped take out the door frame and the last of the pieces we were having difficulty with. It took us about 5 hours from start to finishing the clean up. Here's the progression to finished product!

 The view from the kitchen before...

View from the kitchen after!
The living room before...  
The living room after!

Scott surveying the work!

We still have all the finishing details to do..., but I was so excited...I just had to show you!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

DIY Cabinet Hardware

So I would like to preface this post with, "I am not a DIY-er." I love the idea of DIY. I just don't have the attention to detail needed to complete projects in a truly "complete" manner. As always, I was inspired by AKA Designs' blog on 30-Minute Home Improvement Projects. Well, I can honestly say, it wasn't a 30 minute project, but, I had fun none the less. The part that took the longest was taking all the hinges and handles on and off the doors.

I read the blog on a Thursday morning while I was on my month of vacation between jobs. I thought to myself, "Well, I have nothing else planned today!..." 

So, I went to the local hardware store (who will remain nameless because here on in I believe EVERYONE should shop at Lowe's) to pick up some supplies. In total, it cost me $12 for the items I bought: spray paint & screws! (When I checked out the silver hinges, just to see the price difference, they were about $3 each. So I definitely saved a bundle).
Prior to my 30-minute home improvement project, my door handles and hinges were a nasty used-to-be brass colour. Here's a few pictures (that I can't seem to get rotated). The lighting makes the cabinets a more yellow tone than their actually taup-y colour.

I did my spray painting outside on our patio table. Note to all impatient DIY''s worth the extra 2 minutes to go get another garbage bag to cover the other half of the table before spray painting. Lesson definitely learned.

I also bought new silver screws to replace the nasty gold ones so I could reassemble the doors to the cabinets. That's also the reason why the post was delayed for 2 weeks....I was short 11 screws to finish the project! (Though some may say I was short a few more to even attempt the project).

All in all, it was a very easy thing and I'm happy I did it! (Though my husband didn't even notice till I pointed it out).

A final thought to remember when attempting: Despite your impatience to get the project done, it's probably worth the extra time to let the hinges dry completely before flipping them over or putting them back on the doors! Of course, I kind of knew that already,...but hey, I am who I am!

One final time. The before:

The after!

Next project coming up is repainting the rec room! Through many different paint samples thrown about our house, I think I've finally come to the decision of these two from Olympic:

Tightrope (for 2 of the larger walls)

and...Castile (for 2 smaller walls)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You Got a Big Ego

On my way to work this morning, I started to think about what it will be like when I'm out of training and into my own store. I started thinking of some of the people I met already that I will be working with in my own store. I'm getting to a point in my career where I'm starting to see people's strengths and opportunities in a fairly quick manner. (Sometimes I can even surprise myself with my observations!)

Being in HR, as well as managing people, is truly a remarkable experience. People managers have the daily role to make those they look over more excellent colleagues, friends, workers, corporate citizens and individuals. They have the opportunity to get to know them and speak into their lives in a way not many others can. Most people managers certainly don't take these opportunities as they should. They don't get to know their people in order to be able to know how to lead them. Instead they throw all people into the same category, leading them the same way, and that often results in a few or a lot of  frustrated individuals in any team. But I digress...

As I thought about how I can develop and influence people, I asked myself, "Why do I want to develop and influence people?" This was my train of thought:

"I want to see them that they can develop that others find satisfaction in their role working at our that our store becomes a phenomenal place to that our store becomes recognized in the that I feel that I become recognized..."

I stopped myself and went through the reasons again trying to find a different  outcome. I mulled over the thought of being quite selfishly motivated though at first my intentions seemed good. In my work, I truly want to do good for people. I value people. But when I dig deep, is it truly because I want to feel better about myself? 

How often in life do we do things but with a selfish intent? To feed our own ego? Does it count as selfish intent if we don't even know that that is the reason we are doing it?

Have you ever noticed when you do a "random act of kindness," like paying for the groceries of a person ahead of you in line who's card isn't working, it makes you feel good inside? The other person is thankful, but really, it's your own self that gets even more pumped up. And for good feels good to show kindness and goodness to others! Were we created like that? Or is it a product of society?

I think I have to chew on that one a little bit more. My brain is so full of new information from training and learning a new industry, I can't quite sort through all my thoughts yet.

In the mean time, I finally finished an amazing book that I heard about at a conference over a year ago. It's called "The 3 Signs of  a Miserable Job". It's a very easy and I'd say -powerful- read, in a novel form. This book is for anyone who manages people, or who is managed by someone! (Ha...that's most of us!) Check it out!