Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Renovation Completion!


 The final look!

So that's it! That's our big reno. We are one or two light fixtures being hung away from saying we are DONE! (And we need a stair railing so small children can't fall off the side of our living room...but that's another project completely.) As I had mentioned in the Spring. I was very interested in projecting estimations for the project and seeing what actual costs were. I was hoping the whole thing would cost us $15k, but I think it was more like $20k+. Here's what my projections looked like!

Materials Estimated Actual
Laminate Floor 450 480  
Sink 300 250  
Cabinet Hardware 150 110  
Faucet 300 300  
Microwave 400 225  
Counter top 1,200 2,000  
Backsplash Tile 1,000 300  
Paint 150 75  
Cabinets 4,500 6,410  
Fireplace 250 160  
Lighting & Rough Electrical Supplies 1,000 1,500  
TOTAL $9,700 $11,810  

Labour Estimated Actual Comments
Demolition  500 250 Weekend DIY with friends. Costs include demo accessories and lunch.
Painting 1,200 1,258 Contracted out - ceiling, trim and walls and downstairs hallways
Plumbing 250 0 included with drywall
Electrical 2,000 2,490 Potlights, running new electrical, new breaker box
Flooring 500 0 Weekend DIY
Drywall 2,000 3,400 Going from popcorn to flat ceiling and repairing all the walls that we tore down.
Tiling 500 0 Thanks to helpful friends!
Cabinetry Install 5,000 2,091 Completed by Lowe's Installers
TOTAL $11,950 $9,488  

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  1. It looked so good when we were there, girl!!!